“For Simon, it was a time of heaven and hell. The oppressed and hidden talents have come to life, and he is very well aware of his plan to tell his life story. He had flown to Brazil, where his mother’s family resided. A place where he always felt very comfortable. He hoped that there, he could start to live his life with a new awareness.” 


A photograph of a New York garage door featuring a smiling Mickey Mouse. It served as Simon’s source of inspiration when he created a series of twelve “Mickey Mouse” in epoxy for this exhibition.

A photo of John-Philip during the time when he was still painting. This was also the time when he received an invitation to exhibit in Switzerland in a sort of artist space/restaurant.

“Simon’s Time as an Artist in Painting”

Simon’s career as a painter came to an end in 2011. This is one of Simon’s burned paintings. It was a beautiful end to his suffering as a painter. He had photographed the fire which went ten meters into the night sky.