A man of strong will and integrity. With an open mind, he traveled the world and always broadened his horizons by studying acting, working as an actor, being a creative painter for a while, and writing.

His most recent accomplishments led him into the worlds of directing and producing. He’s also a tireless surfer and explorer.

He lost his mother when he was young, which left him vulnerable, reflective, and skeptical. As a result of his complicated family history and the secrets of his upbringing, he decided to share his thoughts in his new book titled, “A Shocking Call”.

“A Shocking Call”

A Shocking Call marks John-Philip’s first novel. It tells the story of a young adult growing up in an unusual environment where he was always convinced that something was wrong and that something was missing. He was aware that some information had been withheld from him.

Such belief caused him to wonder, “Who he really is?”

He discovered the realities of his life through his relentless search for the truth, and his life has changed dramatically as a result of information provided from the outside. After discovering the hidden truth, he dug into all the secrets and decided to write the story. It took some time after he had written everything down to publish it. This book can help others in a similar situation to dive into a child’s world, the fears, the pain, and possibly suffering less when they see the positive side of discovering the truth.


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